There Is A Spirit Which I Feel - Selected Writings of James Nayler

Author: James Nayler

Messages: 10

Dates: 3/6/19 - 3/13/19

James Nayler was a prominent leader and gifted minister in the early Society of Friends in England. Though a farmer by trade, and a man of limited education, his deep spiritual understanding, piercing discernment, and powerful communication of the gospel caused multitudes to acknowledge that he preached in the demonstration of the Spirit and power, as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Sadly, he is best known for a single (and much regretted) act of folly committed in a time of weakness and temptation, when, “because of the abundance of revelation” and the unchecked flattery of a few imprudent admirers, he accepted greater praise than is due to any man (as the appendix to this volume relates in detail). But the Lord brought him to a clear sight and sense of his error, and having heartily renounced and repented for all wrong, he was restored to fellowship and usefulness in the body of Christ for the remainder of his days.

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