The Writings of Isaac Penington - Volume 2 Audiobook

Author: Isaac Penington

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Dates: 3/11/16 - 6/6/16

This is the audiobook of The Writings of Isaac Penington - Volume 2, read by Jason Henderson. Isaac Penington (1616-1679) was the son of a prominent English politician, and the father-in-law of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania. Though born into a family of wealth and reputation, Penington's heart was set upon things above from his earliest days. Even as a child, he recognized that the religion of his day stood in the will and understanding of man, in outward practices, duties, and scriptural truths that were professed but not truly possessed. Isaac Penington longed for more. Indeed, his hunger and desperation for the true knowledge and experience of God was the hallmark of his life. Seeking, he found; knocking, the door swung wide open before him. As he, and others who shared his hunger for truth, turned their hearts to the living God, the veil was taken away, and they discovered and declared a Christianity that stood in, and flowed out from, the light and life of Jesus Christ reigning in the inner man.

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