Waiting Upon the Lord

Author: Robert Barclay

Messages: 2

Dates: 4/11/16 - 4/12/16

The greatest part of this booklet is an updated version of the eleventh proposition of Robert Barclay's Apology for the True Christian Divinity. Barclay writes, “All true and acceptable worship to God is offered in the inward and immediate moving and drawing of His own Spirit.” It is not hard to agree with such a statement, but who has indeed stood still to see the salvation of the Lord, and known the dawning of His inward Day? Have we waited upon our God to separate the precious from the vile within, to differentiate between the pure operation of His Spirit and the wild rovings of our own soul? Have we truly known and obeyed His inward stirrings and teachings, or does the Seed of God lay buried in Christian hearts beneath a mass of superstition, assumption, and fleshy, religious activity?

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