Title: The Journal of John Banks
Author: Jason Henderson
Date: 7/29/2019
Series: Truth in the Inward Parts - Volume 2 (message 2 of 4)
Audio length: 1 hour
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Description: John Banks (1637-1710) was faithful and influential minister among the first generation of Quakers. Upon his death, an intimate friend wrote of him--"After it had pleased the eternal, wise God to open his understanding, and to let him see his own state and condition, and reveal his Son in him, he was made willing to give up freely to the heavenly and inward appearance of Christ Jesus, the hope of glory. And as he was obedient thereunto, he was entrusted with a large gift of the ministry, in which he grew, and was made powerful in it, to the turning of many unto the right way of the Lord who were convinced of the evil of their ways, and turned unto Jesus Christ, their free Teacher, and were made to bless the Lord on his behalf."
Tags: Quakers