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Book: Walk in the Spirit

Hugh Turford

The primitive Christians built on a sure rock, a living foundation, on Christ as He was in all ages, and still is—on His spiritual appearance as the light of the world, and the life of righteousness. Taking His eternal Spirit in themselves for their guide, they turned away from whatever they were thereby convicted of and reproved for. Thus Esau (or the first nature) came to be supplanted, and He whose right it is to reign came to have the rule in them and the government over them. The work of sanctification is inward, and is to be effected by inward means. Nothing but inward light can expel inward darkness; nothing less than eternal life can deliver our souls from the power of death. But this way of God’s salvation has been so long rejected, that few in our present age know what this Spirit is, where they may become acquaintance with it, or how they may walk in it.

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Title: Walk in the Spirit
Author: Hugh Turford
Date: 5/31/2019
Tags: Grace, Walk in the spirit