Title: The Life and Writings of James Parnell pt. 3 of 3
Author: James Parnell
Date: 10/18/2018
Series: The Life and Writings of James Parnell (message 3 of 3)
Audio length: 45 minutes
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Description: James Parnell (1637-1656) is said to have been “young, small of stature, and poor in appearance,” but thousands were made to confess that “he spoke as one having authority, and not as the scribes.” He was convinced of the Truth when only fourteen years of age, and became a mighty preacher and promoter of the gospel by sixteen. Following a debate with a prominent priest, Parnell was arrested on spurious charges of being an “idle and disorderly person,” and imprisoned at Colchester Castle. There he was confined to a small hole in the thick castle wall, twelve feet above the ground. He died from sickness and ill-treatment after ten months imprisonment at the young age of nineteen.
Tags: Quakers