Book: The Work of Vital Religion in the Soul

Samuel Rundell

“Do you believe in Christ, in reference to His spiritual appearance in your own soul? Have you, in the metaphorical language of Scripture, opened the door of your heart unto Him, when, by the secret convictions of His holy Light or Spirit, He has knocked there for admission? Have you in this way received Christ to be your leader, your baptizer, your high-priest and your king? Has it become your daily concern to obey Him in all things, avoiding in every part of your conduct and conversation that which the light manifests to be evil, denying yourself and taking up the cross in respect to every pursuit and gratification which this divine Monitor does not allow, however earnestly pleaded for by your natural inclination and desires? And finally, do you witness, through submission to the baptizing operation of His Holy Spirit, the work of regeneration begun, and gradually progressing in your soul?”

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Title: The Work of Vital Religion in the Soul
Author: Samuel Rundell
Date: 10/2/2018
Tags: Quakers