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Title: Letters and Extracts by Samuel Crisp - Part 2
Author: Samuel Crisp
Date: 3/22/2018
Series: Letters and Extracts by Samuel Crisp (message 2 of 2)
Audio length: 34 minutes
Filesize (hi): 34.9 mb
Filesize (lo): 12 mb
Description: Samuel Crisp (1670—1704) was a brilliant young priest in the Church of England who's hunger for truth and righteousness led him to leave off all formal, shadowy religion and join with the despised people called Quakers who worshipped God in spirit and truth. This short document (approx. 20 pages) consists chiefly of two letters written by Crisp explaining his reasons for leaving the national worship, and describing the true light and life he enjoyed among the Society of Friends.
Tags: Worship, Shadow & substance