Book: No Cross, No Crown

William Penn

The classic treatise “No Cross, No Crown” was first written while William Penn was imprisoned for his faith in the Tower of London in 1668, when only twenty-four years of age. Later in life, Penn greatly enlarged upon the original publication, treating exhaustively upon the particular sins of pride, avarice, and luxury, and adding two lengthy collections of testimonies from other authors in order to further substantiate his position. This edition is unique in that it offers the reader a careful modernization of Penn's beautiful but somewhat archaic English, and has been abridged to contain only the principal and indispensable chapters of the treatise, wherein Penn clearly presents the nature, power, and experience of the daily cross of Christ, explaining what it is, where and how it is to be taken up, and the manner of its working in the true disciples of Christ.

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Title: No Cross, No Crown
Author: William Penn
Date: 3/23/2017